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How Long Do Guitars Last?

How long do guitars last?

Sooner or later, you’ll wonder how long do guitars last. After all, every time you buy a new instrument, it’s a considerable expense, and it all depends on how much value you place on such an investment. However, with proper care and good handling, the average lifespan of even an inexpensive guitar can be 20-30 years.

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Guitar Slang – The Most Popular Terms

Guitar slang - the most popular terms

In any professional area, there is a “special language.” The guitar world is no exception, which means it’s worth getting to know the slang for guitar, perhaps even before you learn how to play. Therefore, I will help you get acquainted with guitar terminology in this article while separating it into several specific groups.

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How to Play 12-String Guitars?

How to play a 12 string guitars?

12-string guitars first gained popularity among folk singers, and only later, their electric versions were used by famous rock singers such as Roger McGuinn, George Harrison, and Peter Buck. They don’t differ much from the 6-string ones anatomically and in tuning, but most importantly, in sound. And today, I’m going to tell you what this instrument is, how to tune it, and how to play a 12-string guitar.

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How Many Guitars Do You Need?

How many guitars do you need?

Suppose you have already learned to play the guitar and decided it will become your life companion. But how many guitars do you need? After all, the world of guitars is so diverse. Guitars of the same kind can have different sizes, shapes, strings, and scale lengths, which makes it easy to play them. Electric guitars have different pickups, which can affect how you play.

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How to Store Guitars?

How to store guitars?

Today I will tell you how to store guitars. Since it is a wooden product, temperature and humidity are the main factors affecting its integrity. Electric guitars have added electronics that can get damaged without proper storage. Whether your guitar is expensive or not, it can last you for decades if you learn how to care for and store it properly.

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