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Gibson SJ 200 Review

gibson sj-200 review

When it comes to musical instruments that have been proven for decades, it’s expected that their value will be as fantastic as such guitars themselves.

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Epiphone Dove Studio Review

epiphone dove studio review

The Epiphone Dove Studio review is notable for telling you about a guitar that has long ago won the hearts of musicians. And by “Long ago,” I mean 1962 when it was first introduced to the public in Kalamazoo at the Gibson & Epiphone factory.

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Epiphone L-00 Review

epiphone l-00 review

It’s no secret that Epiphone is producing budget copies of Gibson on a completely official basis. That’s why we can say right away that you will get a good guitar that will last you for years but is made of simpler materials.

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A Deep Dive Into Short Scale Bass Guitars

what is a short scale bass

For many years, there has been a heated argument among professionals regarding short-scale and long-scale instruments. Short-scale basses have made a name for themselves in the music world with their small size and distinctive traits.

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What Is a Thinline Acoustic Guitar?

what is a thinline guitar

In the world of guitars, where the diversity of designs and tonal possibilities seems limitless, a unique category stands out – thin guitars. These instruments are often referred to as “thinline” or “semi-hollow” guitars.

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Best Acoustic Guitar For Corridos Reviews

best acoustic guitar for corridos review

In this article, I have chosen the best guitars for Сorridos, an extraordinarily beautiful and unique style of music that originated in Mexico about 200 years ago. Corridos are narratives about epic battles, other significant events, heroes, anti-heroes, and journeys that have influenced and changed the world, essentially a history in songs.

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Best Acoustic Guitar For Fingerstyle Reviews

best acoustic guitar for fingerstyle review

Fingerstyle is one of the most popular guitar styles today, accompanying different genres of music. So in this article, I took the liberty of helping you choose the best acoustic guitar for fingerstyle. And before we get started, here are a few words about this technique.

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Martin GPC-X2E Review

Martin GPC-X2E review

I’ve prepared a Martin GPC-X2E review for you because many people can afford to buy this guitar, and the main thing is that it really deserves attention. This electric acoustic model has great data, a fair mid-affordable price, and looks just great.

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Cordoba C4-CE Review

Cordoba C4-CE review

I bring to your attention my Cordoba C4-CE review. The company produces acoustic guitars of different levels, and today I will introduce you to the model of the middle price category. Full-size classical guitar made in Spanish traditions, complete with nylon strings and high-quality electronics, gave me pleasant sensations of comfort, simplicity, and sound. I’m in a hurry to share my impressions with you.

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Yamaha C40II Review

Yamaha C40II review

If you’re looking for a quality entry-level guitar, my Yamaha C40II review will be helpful for you. Yamaha knows how to make music, so even with inexpensive models, you can find details that put the company’s products at the top of the ranks among competitors’ models of the same rank.

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Best Acoustic Guitar For Recording Reviews

best acoustic guitar for recording

When you’ve learned to play the guitar, the moment has likely come when you’ll be faced with recording your playing. Of course, you’ll need a special place and equipment, but above all – a quality instrument. And in this article, I will tell you about the best acoustic guitars for recording, each of which can facilitate the process and, most importantly, provide the highest quality results.

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Taylor BT2 Review

Taylor BT2 review

Taylor has long established itself in the acoustic guitar market as one of the most famous manufacturers of these musical instruments, so it’s no surprise that its diverse lineup includes a miniature model. So this Taylor BT2 review is about a little guitar affectionately called the Baby Taylor.

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Martin LX1 Review

Martin LX1 review

The Martin and Co popular Series offers us three slightly different models LX1, LX1R, and LXK2. And in this Little Martin LX1 review, I will tell you about one of them. Its distinctive feature is its small size and fairly reasonable price, especially considering the high-quality materials from which the guitar is made.

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Taylor 214ce Review

Taylor 214ce review

In my Taylor 214ce review, I’m going to tell you about a guitar that I have a lot of positive feelings about. I will praise it in the article, but I will try to build the review objectively so everyone can conclude. You can compare this model, perhaps, with another Taylor 114ce. They are similar in many ways, but some differences, in the end, make the instruments sound different, and that is what we will pay attention to. Well, it’s time to get started!

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Best Gibson Acoustic Guitar Reviews

best Gibson acoustic guitar

Gibson has a reputation as a legend among manufacturers of musical instruments and has been on the market for over a century. Founded in the 1900s by Orville Gibson as a mandarin maker, the brand still produces some of the most popular guitar models, many of which have already become icons in the music world.

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Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Reviews

best Ibanez acoustic guitar reviews

The Ibanez brand is less widely known among aspiring musicians than other, more popular brands. Founded in 1908, the company gained popularity only in the 80s, starting to produce copies of famous brands and finally releasing their original, unlike anyone else’s, high-quality instruments. In this article, I will tell you about the three best Ibanez acoustic guitars, which will serve you well if you choose them for yourself.

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Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar Reviews

best Epiphone acoustic guitars

I want to tell you about the three best Epiphone acoustic guitars. But first, a few words about this brand. The company House of Stathopoulos in New York started back in 1923 in the US and originally produced banjos. And already in 1924, the name Epiphone was registered as a trademark (shortened from the name of the creator of the Greek immigrant Epaminondas Stathopoulos), which until the 1950s, produced various stringed instruments which have gained a certain recognition.

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Gibson J-45 Standard Review

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Standard review

This Gibson J-45 Standard review will introduce you to one of the most famous models, nicknamed the “Workhorse,” and was introduced back in 1942. This classical acoustic guitar is capable of a lot, which is why it has earned respect among connoisseurs and is the top-selling of all Gibson guitars. In today’s world, it sounds just as traditional, but yet in a modern electronic frame. So it’s worth taking a closer look at it, don’t you think?

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