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How to Store Guitars?

Today I will tell you how to store guitars. Since it is a wooden product, temperature and humidity are the main factors affecting its integrity. Electric guitars have added electronics that can get damaged without proper storage. Whether your guitar is expensive or not, it can last you for decades if you learn how to care for and store it properly.


guitar in case

Yes, the easiest and most effective way to protect your instrument is to store it in a case. Hard cases are more reliable, even if they are simply because they protect your guitar from dust and knocks or objects falling on the case. On the other hand, soft cases can be effective if, for example, you store your instruments in racks, respectively, without stacking them one on top of the other (which is exactly what you can do with hard cases).

Before you pack your guitar in a case, remember that constant string tension can eventually damage the fingerboard or bridge, as well as deform the frets. So just loosen the strings and believe me, your guitar will be grateful.

Next, the most important thing to consider is the combination of temperature and humidity (30-70%). Too dry air will dry out the body and the fingerboard, and too humid can cause irreparable damage, up to mold. Nowadays, there are many ways to keep the temperature-humidity balance. Special cabinets with hygrometers, Bluetooth sensors with smartphone apps, and indoor humidifiers. But in the most common case, you need to treat the guitar’s surface with special products, oils, or sprays, sufficiently moistening the wood. Try not to leave your instrument in direct sunlight or hot rooms.

Vertical or Horizontal Storage

vertical storage

Most experts agree that the best way to store a guitar is vertical. There are at least two ways to do this – on a guitar stand or the wall. People on an unlimited budget may like glass showcases. It may depend on how many guitars you have.

This is the most convenient way to store your guitar at home or in the studio. Floor stands are as varied as your soul desires: wood, metal, A-frame, tripod, and tubular. They will fit any interior and are a good space saver, in addition to keeping your guitar out of the way. They also vary in price and are affordable to any musician.

Another vertical type of storage is a wall-mounted guitar holder. This is even more economical because by using it, you don’t have to worry about space at all. And you are also protected from damage to the instrument by animals or guests of your home. In addition, the guitar, in this case, can become a true decoration of your home, part of the interior design.

In fact, it doesn’t matter for a guitar if you store it horizontally or vertically. But only when it’s not about long-term storage. You should make sure the body of the guitar is lying flat; otherwise, there will be pressure on the fingerboard. And don’t put anything on top of the case. This rule doesn’t apply if the case is rigid, but only for a short time because cases also sag over time.


Hopefully, these guitar storage tips will help you prolong the life of your favorite. So, store your guitar in cases properly and keep an eye on the temperature and humidity balance of the environment. Finally, enjoy playing, and don’t hide your guitar for too long!

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